Our Products

We can produce a wide range of wood products which can meet the needs of our clients.

With our expertise, our heavy duty pallets that can help you to store and transport your goods safely.

The stringer pallet is most commonly used as long as the block plallet is becoming popular.

In accordance with ISPM 15, wood packaging products required heat treatment before export oversea.

Pallet with the top deckboards beyond the outer edge of the stringers and with bottom boards flush with the outer edges of the stringer.

Pallet with top and bottom deckboards extend beyond the edges of the stringers.

Hardwood pallets can give you extra heavy duty applications.

After fufilling the structure requirements, softwood pallets will be a cost-effective option.

Two entry pallets are also called stringer pallets having openings on two sides only

Four way stringer pallets have notch in the stringers or block pallets are accessable from either sides.

Pallet boxes are pallets with four pallet walls on top and possibly a lid.

We can meet the induividual rquirements of our clients.